They say you’ll never get a 2nd chance at making a good 1st impression.

Also that people leave websites they are not interested in within 7 seconds on average.

Personally, I haven’t timed them, but…

How many times did you go back to a page that left you cold?

Maybe as many as I did.

I don’t know.

I guess someone’s more likely to stay if they feel something.

Or to come back if something was «put» in his head before leaving.

And it’s also much more likely that if you know how to talk to someone who can benefit from what you’re doing, then they’ll understand you, trust you and…

Buy from you.

You’ll probably tell me to wipe the sweat off my forehead, but:

If you can (let’s say) triple the number of customers that identify with whatever you’re offering at the time they meet you and get them to want it… well, you’ll probably sell triple.


(With much less effort and frustration than it takes to chase them, that’s for sure.)

And so your business will go up quietly.

Hi, my name is Pablo and I write for your client to say "I need this" and reach out for for her credit card.


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By the way, don’t let the smile fool you. I almost threw up in the boat and we didn’t catch anything that day.

In fact, I’ve never fished in my life.

Hey, we have a problem.

I wish I could offer you a funny book I wrote...

…but it’s in Spanish.

So if you don’t mind contacting me directly